Saturday, 24 August 2013

'Positive Congruence' by Foci's Left (aka Muttley)

As some of you may know, Futurepast zine started a Kickstarter project which proved to be successful! £270 was raised (thank you to the people that helped in any way) - the money will be used to get some promotional material (badges and stickers :) ) and also get more copies of the zine printed to help it grow. Issue 6 is looking to be a brilliant read so far. One of the interviewees is 'Foci's Left' who backed the Kickstarter project. 

I've interviewed Foci's Left before and I find his mixes enjoyable, it's like when you watch a film and it takes you away from life just for a short period of time. Since he was being interviewed for the zine I also asked him to put together a mix. 

The mix is entitled 'Positive Congruence' and is just over 20 minutes. I recommend listening to it with your eyes closed and somewhere you will not be disturbed :)

Check his music out at